Top Tips For Creating The Best Email Newsletter Designs

At Postman we believe in customisation with simplicity. This means you can choose templates that are ready made, but with a few simple steps you can turn these in to a unique branded email newsletter design that is specific to your business. We give you the tools, but how do you know what makes the best email newsletter design?

When choosing your email newsletter design you should do so within the following framework:

  • Branding, Branding, Branding

  • Captivating Content

  • Enticing Engagement

  • Thoughtful Timing

Your chosen email newsletter design should cover these four elements in order to deliver the most powerful message.

Branding, Branding, Branding: The first thing a customer should notice from any email newsletter is your brand. It should be instantly recognisable as you. Therefore, choose an email marketing template that allows customisation of colour and font, and more. Choose an email newsletter design that speaks volumes about who you are, but which can be customised too.

Captivating Content: Ensure your email marketing newsletter content quickly draws your customer in, delivers the message succinctly, and leads them on to take action.

Enticing Engagement: The beauty of email marketing newsletters over other forms of marketing, especially newsletters of old, is that you can get instantaneous engagement. Hook the reader with a desire to take action, then give them the clickable link to make it near-automatic.

Thoughtful Timing: The last element of powerful email newsletter design is to deliver it at exactly the right time. It is vital to think about this stage as part of the email newsletter design process. You want emails delivered to the right audience at the point they are most likely to engage, rather than tick that box to delete, before they’ve even opened the message.

Cover these four elements in your email newsletter design and you’ll have captivating, engaging email newsletters that transform your marketing. To take the hard work out of the email newsletter design process, use our intuitive templates. Give it a go for free (link:


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