Why Use Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software takes you from a blank slate to a powerful conversion tool. Inspire action, build your brand and win customers cost-effectively and easily.

Templates for your brand

At the heart of the best email marketing software tools is outstanding templates. Postman templates allow you to showcase your message with complete reflection of your unique brand. From colours to fonts, layouts to imagery, Postman presents easy-to-use email templates.

A Postman template allows you to create your message, your way.

No more frustration with graphics, wrangling with imagery or irritation with software which doesn’t allow your brand personality to shine. Just simple to use drag-and-drop functionality which allows creativity without hassle.

Template Taster

Newsletter templates


The power behind the message

With Postman email marketing software you are never forced to pigeon hole your customers. Treat them like the individuals they are and be rewarded with higher conversions.

Use our software to segment your audience and tailor your message. This way the message hits home each and every time. You determine what to say, when to say it and who to. That’s a weapon in your marketing arsenal you can’t be without.

Personalisation in subject lines and content makes your audience feel valued. They are primed to take action.


The message itself

Use your email marketing newsletter to tell a story – your story. Evoke emotions, craft beautiful words without worry thanks to templates, and lead your audience on a journey to your call-to-action.

Choose your content wisely, carefully, yet know it will shine thanks to Postman software.

With our software it’s not just words that matter. Images and videos can be embedded without compromising the looks or the mobile responsiveness.


Know the score

Knowledge is power when it comes to marketing. Use Postman to run tests on everything from conversion rates to subject line testing.

Use Google Analytics plug-in to monitor your success.

Opt to use the incorporated Kudos survey tool to gain valuable insight in to your audience’s thoughts and actions.

Know the score so that you can refine your email campaigns going forwards.


Bring your message to life

Combine all the elements of the Postman email marketing software and bring your messages to life. Make email campaigns look incredible with ease. Additionally, make them work.

We manage the different elements so that you can create individual campaigns with creativity and power. Do things intuitively. Use automation to save time. Take control of your marketing.

Convert, entice, and build your brand cost-effectively by using email marketing software.


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