Why Use Email Marketing Software?

Have you realised that modern marketing takes a multi-faceted approach, whereby you need to spin plates, and deliver highly-targeted messages to a wide-ranging audience? Have you realised that marketing in the digital world requires so many different elements, and juggling that eats up valuable productive time? Do you spend more time writing, editing, image sourcing, and rejigging, different marketing channels, that you wonder how you get your real job done? If so, then you’re missing a trick – email marketing software.

In a world where you need to deliver frequent, enticing, and engaging marketing to your known audiences, at the precise moment that they are ready to engage, you need to get the right tools on board. You simply can’t waste time in the humdrum of formatting and templates, getting bogged down in HTML, and missed moments. You need everything at your fingertips, intuitive and automated, so that you can prepare your marketing message, click, and go. Email marketing software is that tool. It puts you firmly back in control of your marketing, rather than your marketing dominating you.

Email marketing software can enable you to harness the power of your customers’ attention from their inbox. Through intuitive email marketing newsletter software such as Postman Newsletter, with it’s easy-to-master drag and drop editor, combined with ready-made templates, you quickly realise you can create email newsletters that reflect your branding, engage your audience, and entice sales.

However, you’re not limited to generic templates that prove a tough ‘fit’ – rather you can customise and get creative, with confidence. Once you’re happy with your content it’s time to preview and test before checking it is mobile and desktop friendly. From here you can trigger emails to be sent on the back of certain audience actions, and deliver highly targeted emails to your customer at exactly the right time.

In short, our newsletter, email marketing software takes the headache out of the job, and instead puts you in the driving seat.

Even better, once you’ve got Postman Newsletter in your corner, you can also use the integrated tools of Magnet event creation and management, as well as Kurios data evaluation, so that you know your powerful email marketing really is working.

That’s why you need email marketing software. That’s why Postman Newsletter is the tool for the job. Try it for free today.


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