The Magic of Email Marketing Newsletters

Light up their world with the magic of email marketing newsletters. This is a cost-effective magical marketing opportunity not to be missed if you want to entice customers and gain conversions.

The power behind the magic

Email marketing is the formula which works:

  • Email generates approx. £29bn in retail sales each year[1].
  • Email is the leading form of business communication[2].
  • Email is 6x more likely to result in a click-through than a tweet[3].
  • Email is 40x more effective at gaining a new customer than Facebook or Twitter[4].
  • Email has the highest conversion rate at 66% compared to other marketing channels[5].
  • Email marketing has a 3800% ROI[6].

Your box of marketing tricks

As a business you have a range of marketing options. However, you have a limited budget. You want highest return for minimal spend.

Your options include social media, print and traditional advertising. Email marketing beats them all. It’s email marketing which builds your reputation, lets customers know they matter as individuals, and shapes your brand persona. Email marketing is a powerful message in the palm of your reader’s hand.

When used well, with the right tools and strategies, it’s magic.

Email marketing newsletters let each and every customer know that they are important, unique and understood. They don’t stumble across you on social media. Instead, they receive communication from you in the way they want, when they want it. Even within the framework of using other marketing channels, it is email which ties them together.

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Magical targeting

Email newsletters drive the message to where it will be heard. It’s received when your audience is ready to listen. They captivate your audience to action. How?

  • You can segment your audience sending the right message to the right person.
  • You can personalise your content making them feel valued.
  • You can entice them with customised offers.
  • You can offer them strong calls-to-action.
  • You can pique their curiosity to find out more.
  • You can automate campaigns to capture your audience at the right moment tipping them over to the action you desire.

It’s only email which you can control to this degree. It’s targeted marketing that works.

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Not all email marketing newsletters are equal

Having realised the power of email marketing you need to choose software which brings you a complete suite of additional magic tricks. With Postman you can:

  • Customise: Create and edit a wide range of email templates to reflect your brand, theme and personality. Edit and embed video and images as you wish.
  • Control: Diarise and automate emails for different purposes based on different actions and triggers. Use HTML editing or our user-friendly tools as you want.
  • Segment: Send different emails to different audiences.
  • Be responsive: All email newsletters are both mobile and desktop friendly.
  • Share: Easily shout out your newsletter across social media.
  • Analyse: Use testing to ascertain the effectiveness of each campaign, analyse statistics with the Google Analytics plug-in and link your newsletters to the Kudos survey tool for active feedback and responses.

Postman brings you the magic of email marketing newsletters. Be seen in the right way, at the right time, in the right place. Try it for free today.



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