Harnessing the Magic of Email Marketing Newsletters

Have a think about your marketing strategy. You’ll have adverts and hard print solutions sitting alongside social media channels. There’s the danger that you’re missing the valuable middle road. Customers like to know they are important, unique, and understood. Yes, they might stumble across your social media marketing, or be captivated by other marketing endeavours, but these methods are fallible and often only work as part of a multi-faceted marketing approach. What unites them are highly targeted, seemingly personalised, email marketing newsletters.

Email Marketing Newsletters do something other marketing tools can’t do. They land on the doorstep of your audience right when your audience is ready to listen. They aren’t trying to get in through the other noise of life. Email Marketing Newsletters, produced and sent by the right tool, can captivate your audience in to action – exactly what you’re after. That’s magic.

Wouldn’t it be incredibly powerful if you could capture that pre-qualified sales lead who was browsing your products late last night, with a reminder on their desk at 9am with an enticing, too-good-to-refuse, offer? Wouldn’t it be magic to grab a potential customer just as they look like they’re on the way out, and instead capture their interest, pique their curiosity, and get them on board? Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to automatically remind a client that they will need you again soon, a certain amount of time after their last purchase, and reward them for their loyalty? Harnessing this power involves getting email marketing newsletters on board.

Email Marketing Newsletters allow you to:

Create, edit, and diarise a range of emails for different purposes

Send different emails to different audiences triggered by different actions

Send powerful marketing messages reflecting your business branding

Create email newsletters that are both mobile and desktop friendly

Edit and embed images and video as needed

Include HTML editing if you wish

That’s the magic of Email Marketing Newsletters – getting you seen in the right way, at the right time, in the right place. Try it for free today.


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