Whet Your Appetite: Email Newsletter Examples

We know how easy it is to create appealing newsletters using Postman, but in case you’re not yet convinced, let’s share a few email newsletter examples of what you can do once you’ve got Postman on board.

First Up – Make It Work for You

We believe in giving you the tools and the tricks to make short work of your email newsletters. That means templates that get you going, and fit your business type and branding, intuitive tools to customise, and easy to understand concepts. That’s why we give you a range of different templates using different business types as the foundation.

Choose from Business to Business, Public Services, Sports, Offers, Ecommerce, and Business to Consumer email newsletter examples. However, don’t be restricted by these. Know that whichever template you choose, you can mix and match, drag and drop, add and amend, until you are content that the email newsletter fully reflects your brand and purpose.

Email Newsletter Examples

Showcase enticing pricing plans with clear, and driven, clickable links with an email newsletter template such as ‘Bee to Bee’. Remember, you can use the drag and drop facility to fully personalise it, and change the fonts and colours.


Catwalk your products with alluring photos and attractive offers, encouraging newsletter readers to make a purchase with a template such as the ‘Face of E-Commerce’ email newsletter example. Remember you can include links to the products you like.



Let your images speak volumes by embedding them in an email newsletter, such as ‘Customer is Right’. With the simple drag and drop tool, and intuitive image editing of Postman, it couldn’t be easier.



If you need to represent facts and stats to get your audience on board then you can choose a starting template that allows them to stand out proud, such as the ‘Sport Forrester’ option. Here too you can see how your blog can gain more traffic with simple clickable links.

Sometimes you need to make it even more personal, grab the attention of locals, and make them realise your relevance to them by embedding a map, such as with the ‘Welcome to Our Town’ template.

Take Your Pick

These email newsletter examples are just a few of the wide range on offer once you sign up with Postman. What’s more, these templates are just the starting point for creating truly customised email newsletters that stand out from the crowd. To access the full range of email newsletter examples, sign up for free here (link: http://www.postmannewsletter.com/create-an-account/).


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