Choose a template for your newsletter

1. Choose a template for your newsletter

Which theme suits you?

Postman provides you with a bunch of ready to use templates for newsletters and email marketing. They are customized for different uses such as digital commerce, public sector, B2B, sports, and sale. Replace images and add your text and the newsletter will be ready to send.


Design your newsletter

2. Design your newsletter

Our Drag & drop editor is world-class 

You can basically construct your newsletter any way you want to using our editor. There is also a simple mode for you who prefer to keep it that way.

Implement, add background images, share links, link to social media, add quick questions, RSS, buttons, event invitations and more. Use the image editor to fix up your photos. You are the one who sets the limits for what you can achieve.

Filter and target your mailings

3. Filter and target your mailings

Will solely left footed people named John receive your news letter?

You decide which criteria to filter the mailing by. Provided you have the data of course. Here are some of the time saving and converting functions you can use: Set the time for your mailing. Test your subject line and send whichever works the best. Personalise and target the content depending on audience.

Act according to GDPR

4. Act according to GDPR

Yes, we have complete support and will help you comply

Create consent texts that you can link to, in one or more versions. Filter by different lawful basis when mailing. Create subscription forms where you can choose double opt-in and consent. Filter addresses by lawful basis.

Our servers are placed with Cygate in Karlstad, Sweden.

5. Run Market Automation

Let automated processes work for you 24/7

Use trigger email to trigger mailing following an activity or occuring event. Segment your recipients. Use RSS to automatically retrieve content straight in to your newsletter.
Targeted content to different audiences. Timed mailings – prepare to send later.

For large organisations with several editors

6. For large organisations with several editors

Smooth cooperation

  • Set different access levels
  • Add several users
  • Share email lists
  • Distribute templates
  • Lock certain parts of your template
  • Collect images & documents in file archive.
Digital commerce, statistics, ready-made links & spread

7. Digital commerce, statistics, ready-made links & spread

Grow with us

Analyse your mailings with the statistics. Use ready-made links – set up with for instance Magenta, Wordpress, Analytics and our API. Spread and share your newsletter through social media, collect email addresses through ready-made subscription forms on your web site.

Get our smart tips on digital marketing. The newsletter will be published with about 10 numbers a year and of course we will not leave your address to anyone. Much pleasure!

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