WebCoast and Magnet

WebCoast is West Sweden's major event focusing on communication, web users and web development. The organisers themselves call it an "unconference" since the conference attendees join in with their own meeting points, lectures or proposals at workshops.


The phenomenon of attendees being responsible for content is not entirely new, and is also known as an open space conference. In March this year, WebCoast gathered 250 people in Gothenburg.


– When the attendees arrive, there is no programme. If you want to hold a lecture, a workshop, or just have a round table discussion on a subject, you have to book it up yourself on a board at the start of WebCoast, says Stellan Löfving, one of the founders who otherwise runs the Truth communications agency in Gothenburg.

Event run by enthusiasts

The event has been held for three years and is run by volunteers interested in the web and communication. There is no profit involved and the small income generated is used to further develop the event.


– We don't target any specific companies or other interested parties. Quite simply, anyone who's interested is welcome to participate.


The event is getting more and more popular, and recently Stellan, who currently has the role of finance manager, has been looking at solutions to help with event management and communication with all the attendees and sponsors.

Magnet suited WebCoast perfectly

– I heard that Paloma had launched an event management tool and contacted them for a presentation. I took a liking to the features and tools in Paloma's "Magnet" and saw that it could help us to make ticketing easier, amongst other things, says Stellan Löfving.


WebCoast uses Magnet to sell tickets and to get and structure relevant information about their attendees.


– It has worked very well. The few times we have had any issues in the installation phase, we have got very good support from Paloma's staff. The advantages of the system are that it is so user-friendly and easy to understand. It's easy to export data in different formats and put it into into other systems. But, I think the support and help from Paloma has actually been the best of all, says Stellan Löfving.


Read about our event tool, Magnet, here

"Magnet helped us make ticketing easier."

Stellan Löfving,