"Excellent tool for our editorial work"

There are several different target groups such as former students, professionals in the education sector, industry and journalists. But Stockholm University uses Paloma in other areas as well. The various faculties use it for their internal communication and the teacher training courses have their own external mailing.


– In our external newsletter, we write about what is relevant to us and what is likely to be important for our stakeholders. It might be new research, important lectures, education issues or other information concerning academia, says Viktor Sandqvist, Public Relations and Press Officer at Stockholm University's Communications Office.


The newsletter is published eleven times per year, and contains reports, interviews and press releases that the university sends out to editorial offices around the country. The editorial team sometimes writes exclusive reports for the newsletter

Good tool for the all-round editor

As editor for the newsletter, Viktor Sandqvist has a very "hands on" approach to its management. The editorial office determines the content of the newsletter. He thinks Paloma is an excellent tool for managing editorial work as smoothly as possible.


– You have great freedom in choosing the graphic design of the newsletter. It's very easy to adapt the newsletter to our graphic profile, and it's easy to make temporary changes that depart from the template, says Viktor Sandqvist.


The newsletter has a good opening rate and Viktor clearly sees the useful purpose it serves from the feedback they get in the form of comments. But he also notices that the articles are used by others and are linked to in many contexts.

Newsletters give a quick overview

Stockholm University see newsletters in general as a very convenient and useful tool for communication.


– It's a very good way of packaging the most important news in an easy-to-read and convenient format. The recipients think that it's practical to get information that is both well-edited and easy to understand. In general, this type of news service is very good, both internally and externally. Not everyone visits the website regularly to read about our news. Therefore, this is often a welcome way of reminding people what we are doing at the University of Stockholm, says Viktor Sandqvist.


Several departments also use Paloma as an internal communication tool to inform the staff of important events.


– For example, the natural science faculty uses Paloma for its staff, with good results. We have also noticed an increased interest in the organisation to use newsletters as a communication channel, says Viktor Sandqvist.

Reliable system

There are a large number of addresses and recipients that may be very keen to get information in time. Therefore, reliability is vital.


– There are rarely any problems with our newsletter and, when one does arise, Paloma has excellent support which helps us in any situation, says Viktor Sandqvist.

"Postman is an important tool for Stockholm University when they want to convey their news in a brief and easy to browse newsletter. As many as 18,000 subscribers get the newsletter that is sent out centrally from the university."

Viktor Sandqvist,

Public Relations and Press Officer