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Scandinavian Outdoor Games is a major event for outdoor sports, that takes place over three days in the World Championships arena, Lugnet, in Falun, from May 31st to June 2nd. People from the whole of Scandinavia gather to participate in competitions, activities and training in mountain biking, trail running, climbing, kayaking, multisport races and CrossFit.


Stefan Grimberg is project manager for the whole Scandinavian Outdoor Games, and also project manager for one of the competitions: the multisport event, Flinta & Vestling Invitational. For this event, he needed to be able to easily manage the registrations and invitations for all the expected contestants. The system would have to be easy to navigate, easy to operate and manageable.


– We turned to Paloma, as I had heard good things about them. We knew that they had recently developed an event management system, Magnet, and they told us about its advantages, says Stefan Grimberg.


After examination, it was clear that Magnet had the features that would meet our requirements. It was above all the event tools' flexibility in combination with its manageability that appealed to Stefan.


Flinta & Vestling Invitational uses Magnet in this way to make its own registration page that is linked to its website. The registration form contains the parameters needed for competitor information such as team name, address and equipment. You then get a comprehensive list that can be used for mailings and invoicing.


- The great benefit of Magnet is that it is so comprehensive. You get a clear presentation of who has registered, how many tickets have been sold, total sales and more. You can also get detailed information from the participants about their equipment and addresses, and so on. This simplifies communication between us and the participants. It's a very good event tool at a low cost," says Stefan Grimberg.

"Support has been very good"

A total of approximately 100 teams are expected to sign up, with two participants in each team. The system is up and running, and registrations are starting to flow into the event tool. Stefan Grimberg initially wanted a few adjustments made to optimise the event tool for them.


– We saw that the system lacked an element we wanted to make it as flexible as possible. When we asked Paloma for help, we received extremely good service and we could quickly and smoothly make the adjustment to suit our event. Now we see that the system works perfectly and runs as we had hoped. In view of the service we have received, we feel Paloma's Magnet is a very affordable choice of event tool, says Stefan Grimberg.


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"When we asked Paloma for help, we received extremely good service"

Stefan Grimberg,

Project Manager