An ideal tool for customer communication

Retain24 are keen to quickly be able to reach out with messages to new customer groups and create new relationships. To this end, they have had great help from Paloma's new event tool, Magnet.


– We have used Paloma's tool for newsletters for several years now and we've been very pleased with how it works, says Claudio Simatovic.


For a while now, Retain24 has also had an additional module connected to its Paloma account - the Magnet event tool.


– In order to improve relations with our existing and prospective customers, we have periodically arranged different types of event where we provide various kinds of added value. It's not about marketing, but rather offering knowledge and experiences that our customers are likely to benefit from. We see it as a long-term relation-building exercise, says Claudio.


Amongst other things, Retain24 organises various seminars with well-known speakers. Recently, the company invited in Professor Dan Horne from the United States, a world-leading expert on consumer behaviour and the use of vouchers in the retail trade, who talked about how gift vouchers work and how they affect profitability.


- For that event, we had the opportunity to link the newsletter function with the event tool in a very good way. It's possible to invite and categorise attendees in a manageable fashion. The attendees can then buy tickets via the tool. We get a clear picture of who is coming and where they are coming from. This makes it easier for us when planning premises, ordering food, and so on, says Claudio Simatovic.


– It's very convenient to have the event tool in the same system as the newsletter. All customer data is collected in one place. You can also present and send out the programme in a handy way. We also get other information that is useful for our communications. For example, we have the ability to pick out the attendees' mobile numbers and send them SMS reminders.


Claudio Simatovic praises the way Paloma constantly evolves to keep up with developments in their field.


– They have managed to produce a very workable system that is easy to understand, and they provide good service and are very helpful in their support. Even though we don't send out more than three or four newsletters per year, we can see how effective it is to communicate by newsletter. We have a list of about 700 names, and we very rarely hear from anyone who doesn't want our letter, says Claudio.


Retain24 builds its brand by giving free tips and advice that may be relevant to the recipients. Claudio believe that this is essential If you want your newsletter to be successful.


– I thoroughly recommend Paloma's tools for everyone in need of customer communication, whether on a large or small scale. You don't just maintain relationships, you can also manage events and other occurrences in a very easy-to-use way, says Claudio Simatovic.


Read more about Retain24 on their website.


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"It's very convenient to have the event tool in the same system as the newsletters. All customer data is collected in one place."

Claudio Simatovic,