Quicknet's digital tools have Paloma "under the hood"

Quicknet in Västerås has been around since the early days of the Internet. It started operations in 1995, and offers broadband and telephony solutions to approximately 3,000 customers in Sweden, and via its server room rents out data storage space to companies. The company also operates as a web agency that provides internet marketing services. Paloma and Quicknet have been collaborating on newsletters, surveys and events for Quicknet's customers for some time.


– We had developed our own newsletter tool, but now we have chosen Paloma as supplier for our customer newsletter. Our newsletter tool is still called Quicknet, but it's Paloma under the hood, says Tobias Barkskog, who is responsible for Quicknet's web agency operations. More recently, the collaboration has extended to offering Quicknet's customers Paloma's survey and event management tools.

Paloma makes things easier for Quicknet

The web agency department at Quicknet provides almost everything to do with digital marketing. Amongst other things, customers are looking for services for marketing on Google, Facebook, and digital newsletters, and newsletters are an important part of these services. They think that the solution offered by Paloma has made things easier for them, and enabled them to free up resources for other parts of their operations.


– We came to the conclusion that Paloma was the supplier best able to deliver these products to us. They are responsible for the tool and its development, and we simply put our label on it," says Tobias Barkskog.  

Can leave development to experts

Quicknet don't need to worry about product development and support for the tool. They can safely leave that to Paloma.


– We chose Paloma because they are a renowned supplier of newsletter tools, and they do it at a reasonable cost. We also have very good relations with them and they are easy to deal with, says Tobias Barkskog.


The end customers who use Quicknet's newsletter are also satisfied with how things have worked since Paloma took over the operation.


– It has been very reliable. The small problems that have arisen have been very minor, and we have had very good support," says Tobias Barkskog.


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"We had developed our own newsletter tool, but now we have chosen Paloma as supplier for our customer newsletter."

Tobias Barkskog,

Web Agency Project Manager