Peace & Love communicates with the help of Paloma and newsletters

Peace & Love  takes place in Borlänge and was Sweden's largest festival in 2012. In the last few years, they have also started putting on a number of events abroad. The festival has seen an explosive development in recent years.


From initially having approximately 3,000 visitors, in 2011 the festival sold over 50,000 tickets. Peace & Love uses Paloma's newsletter tool to communicate with interested fans and prospective festival-goers.


Jenny Sjödin Geraae is press officer and community managerfor Peace & Love and has the task of managing the festival's social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. With help from Paloma's newsletter tool, she is also the editor of the newsletter.


– I use Paloma to inform everyone interested about new bands in the line-up or other bookings we want to tell our fans about. We have used Paloma for a few years, and we are especially happy to work with a company from Dalarna, says Jenny.


In the spring, there are lots of new developments that must be communicated to all the festival fans. The newsletter is one of the channels the festival uses. They get e-mail addresses by people registering on the website. To date there are over 7,000 subscribers of the newsletter and the figure is growing steadily.


– It's a very good tool for reaching out to everyone wanting to be kept updated. I particularly like that it is so user-friendly. It's easy for a beginner to get to grips with the system, and to attractively edit the newsletter, says Jenny.


During the spring, Peace & Love send out about two letters a week as new bookings are announced.


– I get the texts and the images I need from the respective artists to publish the news, and then I edit the texts and put them into the newsletter. We usually present about three artists at a time, but for large bookings, such as Rihanna, we devote a whole newsletter to the news, says Jenny.


As a communication tool, Jenny thinks Postman works very well in other contexts as well. The Festival also has an internal newsletter to inform everyone involved in the festival organisation and its officers what is happening. She is also satisfied with the service they receive.


– We have never had any technical problems with our mailings. When we need help with something, Paloma is very service-minded and gives us great help inside half an hour. We are very happy with the Postman newsletter tool, says Jenny Sjödin Geraae.


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"It's easy for a beginner to get to grips with the system, and to attractively edit the newsletter."

Jenny Sjödin Geraae,

Information Officer