Oppigårds Brewery

Despite it's modest size, Oppigårds brewery, outside of Hedemora, has many customers who are interested in what is happening at the brewery. And things are certainly happening. New beers are added all time, as are new methods to improve production. All interested customers get fast and simple news information via Paloma's tool for newsletters.


Oppigård's brewery is located in Ingvallsbenning outside Vikmanshyttan, Hedemora. It is a small, but now firmly established company that is constantly evolving. Beer from Oppigårds is sold throughout Sweden and is becoming increasingly popular.


– We are constantly working both to improve quality and the work environment and for more stable production and delivery to customers. We think it's important that we are honest and open in everything we do, says Erika Olsson, Marketing Manager at Oppigårds.


There are new things happening all the time at the brewery. They have gone from brewing 8,000 litres of beer in 2004 ,to now being able to brew 950,000 litres a year. Paloma's tool for newsletters is perfect to keep customers updated when there are new developments to report.

"When good things happen, we want to talk about it"

– We send out newsletters when something new happens at the brewery. For example, if there is a new beer, if we have invested in something new for the brewery, or if we are maybe going to participate in an upcoming trade fair, says Erika Olsson.


Oppigårds brewery is working very hard to achieve a sustainable production. They recycle as much as possible. For example, yeast residue is used in pig feed in the nearby village of Arkhyttan. Thus, less goes to waste and neighbouring small businesses can help each other.


– When such good things happen, we want to talk about it, and the newsletter is good for that. It feels like a good tool for what we want to say. And it's a good way to respond to the customers who have sought us out and shown an interest, explains Erika Olsson.


Oppigårds sends out newsletters at regular intervals and they have been very well received.


– We send them roughly every other month, but only if we have something new to say. We don't

send newsletters because it's a new month, but to inform our customers that new things are happening.

Simple yet professional

Measurements in the newsletter tool indicate that a whole 60 percent of Oppigårds' recipients open the newsletter and take in the information. That is a very good result. But then the company also know that those who have registered for the newsletter have a great interest in the brewery and its development.


– Lots of people are interested. When we meet customers, we are often asked questions and many of them sign up because they want to keep up with what's happening. It's really nice, says Erika Olsson.


At Oppigårds, they appreciate the simplicity of Postman's functions. What would otherwise require a lot of time becomes quick and easy, with no loss in professionalism or design.


– It's simple to work with, even if you're not an expert, says Erika Olsson.


She thinks that the tool is both easy to use and stylish. You get out of it what you want and it looks professional. Erika also mentions Paloma's good service.


– Paloma's staff are always helpful and service-minded. It's worked very well. We haven't had any need to use the other tools so far, but you never know what the future will bring, says Erika Olsson.

"It's a good way of responding to customers who have sought us out and shown an interest."

Erika Olsson,

Marketing Manager