Digital newsletters strengthen our relationship with our customers

"We've tried most kinds of marketing over the years. We've had TV, radio and newspaper advertising, posters on buses and the metro, viral campaigns and direct mail. Today, we concentrate on the channels we know work best. Digital newsletters is one of the channels that we know gives results".


So says Markus Eriksson, press and public relations manager at Northmill AB. Northmill was one of the first players in its sector in Sweden and has grown rapidly. By nurturing their brand well, today they have around 90,000 customers. With size follows responsibility, and Northmill ensures all ethical rules are complied with by its membership of the trade association SKEF Northmill.

The newsletter builds trust

Northmill uses Paloma's tool for newsletters, Postman, and sends out monthly information to all its customers.


– We don't primarily use the newsletter as a way to increase sales. We see it as a way to preserve our existing customers and strengthen trust. We are therefore always keen to give some form of added value to the reader in the newsletter, says Markus Eriksson.


Northmill AB invests a lot of resources in writing relevant content that may be of use to our subscribers.


– We'll tell them, for example, about private finance in general and provides tips on how to save their money. We also have investment tips and articles on security on the internet. All this is very much appreciated by the recipients, and we get good feedback from them.


Everything is written by Northmill's own marketing department. It's like an editorial office where ideas are bandied around about what to write in the next number.


– Our latest piece was a guide on how to avoid identity theft on the net. This is now one of the most common crimes and many people are grateful to get the relevant information on this, says Markus Eriksson.

Many advantages with the Postman tool

The company chose the Postman tool instead of one of the many free alternatives for several reasons.


- I think Paloma's newsletter tool stands out in several ways. It's easy to understand and learn to work with the tool. It doesn't take long to put together a newsletter, says Markus.


He feels that Paloma is dynamic and that the company has a strong drive to develop.


– Things are always happening at Paloma. They're constantly developing and never stand still. And they have high quality support. We haven't had to use the support very much, but when we have the customer service has been of great help.

About Northmill:

Northmill's business concept is, through effective and flexible solutions, to offer financial and administrative services, such as factoring, debt collection, and invoicing and reminder services that can improve their customers' cash flow, reduce their administrative burden, and thereby increasing their profitability. 

With its two brands, Easycredit and Credigo, the company is also market leading in small and short-term loans – so-called SMS loans and quick loans.

"Things are always happening at Paloma. They're constantly developing and never stand still. And they have high quality support."

Markus Eriksson,

Press and Public Relations Manager