Paloma helps us streamline the organisation

Mora IK is an ice hockey club with a youth section and a first team. The Club is proud of its history. It was formed in 1935, and is the oldest ice hockey club in rural Sweden.


The club is very active in its efforts to both preserve its rich sporting tradition and to look to the future by strengthening the organisation. Networking is a priority for the club, with the aim of strengthening its brand in order to create better partnerships with business. In recent years, Mora IK has therefore chosen to work in a more "business-like" way. Mora IK chose to use Paloma's tool for newsletters and surveys in their communication work.


- Using Paloma is a way for us to better streamline the organisation. We have large registers and customer databases that Paloma's tools for newsletters and surveys are a perfect match for, says Martin Wattberg, marketing manager for Mora IK.


Mora IK performs all its external mailings to members and other stakeholders through Paloma's tool, Postman. They also send out press releases via the system. About 40 people work full-time for Mora IK. So, even internally there is a great need for smooth communication channels.


– Paloma is a stylish and easy tool to work with, and it's simple to build it with your own graphic profile. It gives a much more professional impression sending e-mail this way than if you try and put it together yourself, says Martin.


Mora IK have many people on their member list, and next year they are aiming to reach 3,000 members. Martin Wattberg is going to try and get as many people as possible to give their e-mail addresses to ensure smooth correspondence. In addition, they would like to have the ability to be able to make surveys via the Kurios tool.


– Using Kurios, we can carry out surveys on our partners in a very convenient way, and we've already managed to do a customer satisfaction survey. We received valuable information about how we were seen in a wide range of areas such as reception, flow of information and food service, says Martin Wattberg.


One of the great benefits of Paloma, Martin thinks, is that e-mailings, customer surveys and event tool can be combined in the same system. The comprehensive system with its different functions and statistics also makes things easier.


– We can see how many have opened the mail and what they've read. In this way, we can more easily target communication and make improvements for future mailings. Having all the functions for communication in one and the same system is extremely efficient, says Martin Wattberg.

"One of the biggest benefits of Paloma is that you can easily combine mailing by e-mail, customer surveys and event tool in the same system."

Martin Wattberg,

Marketing Manager