Newsletters help us communicate with our members

The site has experts including child care nurses and midwives connected to it, where questions relating to pregnancy can be asked. There are also issues for discussion, editorial content and a popular blog aggregator. Paloma helps with their communication.


Stina Sandström is the founder and responsible editor. She started the site with her husband in spring 2006, when she herself was pregnant and looking around on the net for information for prospective parents. They got the idea of providing an opportunity to ask questions to a midwife, and decided to set up their own aggregator.


With a growing membership and ever increasing site traffic, it quickly became a success among the country's prospective parents. Today, it's the leading site of its kind.


– We use Paloma's newsletter tool to communicate with our website members. When new members register, their e-mail address is automatically connected to Paloma, who send out our newsletters, says Stina Sandström.


The newsletter is sent out once a week and contains the latest news from the web, competitions and bargain offers. It's designed like the front page of a magazine with clickable headlines, and so on.

Segmented newsletter mailings and statistics are good uses newsletters in several ways. In addition to one communicating with members, a newsletter also goes out to customers who buy advertising space on the site. You can also subscribe to a pregnancy newsletter where, after filling in your due date, you can read about the baby's development from week to week. This service has been developed in collaboration with Paloma.


– A great advantage with Postman is that you can segment your mailings depending on who you want to communicate with. Everything runs very quickly and smoothly, says Stina Sandström.


Today, work with ten different address lists for different target groups. Much of the work is automated and very easy.


– Paloma's staff have been very helpful and very good at developing the solutions that best suit us, says Stina Sandström.

"When new members register, their e-mail address is automatically connected to Paloma, who send out our newsletters."

Stina Sandström,