"Newsletters are a perfect channel for Electra"

With so many shops, Electra Sweden needed a quick, simple and convenient communication tool to get out news about products and other important events to their dealers.


Electra Sweden uses Postman in two main ways. Firstly, for a regular promotional mailing to the shop owners and, secondly, for a newsletter about important general events within the group.


– The promotional mailing goes out each week to the shops with information about what good deals we are offering. It's sent out to everyone and it's perfect for us in many ways, says Christoffer Tholsson, head of digital marketing at Electra Sweden.

Fast information and direct feedback

Doing e-mail send-outs via Paloma has many benefits for Electra Sweden. The company can quickly send out important information and also get better control over the shops.


– It helps us to update information on our many shops in the country. We can easily follow the statistics on how they read the newsletter and we can follow how sales are affected after the mailing. It's a direct contact with them that is of great benefit to us, says Christoffer Tholsson.


The other mailing is a newsletter that Electra Sweden sends out in different editions depending on which chain its going to.


– In the newsletter, we notify our dealers of important news and events in the industry. This can be product news, but also general events that affect the industry as a whole. We think that it works so well that we are now starting to send out a newsletter to end consumers as well. We believe it will give us a lot of added value, says Christoffer Tholsson.

Chose Postman because of its simplicity and ability to make surveys

When Electra Sweden decided to start sending out a newsletter, it was careful to select a helpful tool.


– We compared various tools and Postman was the easiest to work with for a beginner. Moreover, they could also offer a survey tool, Kurios, which you send out to your subscribers to do surveys, says Christoffer Tholsson.


The survey tool, Kurios, has helped them pick up signals and requests from traders. Now Electra Sweden are about to let the shops manage their own Postman accounts to the end customers. This a so-called "editor's account". There is a master account and several sub-accounts with templates that are partially locked, so that the graphic profile can be maintained. In this case, the shops will have access to the sub-accounts.


– It's still at the planning stage, but we can see many advantages with allowing the shops to manage their own Postman accounts that have the same graphic profile as the chain as a whole, says Christoffer Tholsson.

"We compared various tools and Postman was the easiest to work with for a beginner. Moreover, they could offer a survey tool, Kurios, which you send to your subscribers to do surveys."

Christoffer Tholsson,

Head of Marketing