No limits with Postman

Dalatrafik Bussgods have recently discovered the benefits of the Postman tool for digital newsletters and use it frequently in their communication with both customers and partners.


– When the idea of digital newsletter first came up, we were a little sceptical. We thought that people clicked them away or didn't bother reading them. We wanted to test it, to see if it worked, says Dalatrafik Bussgods' regional manager Kia Åhl.


Dalatrafik bussgods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalatrafik with between 500 and 600 business customers. Communicating with them by telephone or personal contact would take enormous resources. Newsletters via e-mail proved to significantly help the company in its contacts.


Dalatrafik Bussgods provide both text content and graphics themselves. The contents can include market news, information about new bus services, or promotions of different types.


– We felt from the start that the Postman newsletter tool was easy to work with. We were pleasantly surprised that we could get produce stylish graphics from our graphic profile, says Kia Åhl.


Kia Åhl thinks that the biggest advantage of digital newsletters is that the customers themselves choose to absorb the information. Having chosen to subscribe to the information, they also want to read it. In the statistics tool, they can also see that many people open and read the newsletter.


– It's very interesting to see what they read. In this way we can see if we are on the right track, or if we need to rethink our messages. It's easy to correct things for the next mailing. Very few people choose to deregister, which is another positive, says Kia Åhl.


A further advantage Kia Åhl sees is the ability to segment mailings locally and in different categories. For

example, Dalatrafik Bussgods has sometimes chosen to send out invitations to a particular customer category within a certain geographical area.


Dalatrafik Bussgods is now looking to expand its use of the tool to include internal communication as well. There is a need to be able to easily communicate with our agents and distribution centres, but also to other stakeholders that the company is working with.


– I see no limits with the Postman newsletter tool, just opportunities, concludes Kia Åhl.

"I see no limits with the Postman newsletter tool, just opportunities."

Kia Åhl,

Regional Manager