FAQ Postman

General Questions

What does number of mailings mean?

It's the number of newsletters that's been sent from our servers and delivered to your chosen addresses.

How do I pay for my Postman license?

Simply pay the invoice that we'll send to you.

Are the emails mobile friendly?

Yes, for both tablets and smartphones.

Newsletter management

Can you embed movies in the newsletters?

No, we've chosen to not develop that functionality for two reasons:

First, this increases the risk of the mails getting caught by spam filters, meaning the recipient won't ever see them. Second, many email clients have no support for movies, and thus can't play them, instead showing an error message.

Our suggestion is that you simply screenshot the movie, put it in your email, and link the screenshot to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video service.

How do I make sure my emails won't end up in the trash?

To prevent this, you need to go into the administration interface for the site, and make SPF or DKIM - the standard for domain authorization. By doing that, Paloma and Postman are given permission to send emails with a sender/reply address connected to a homepage.

How do I copy a newsletter?

Go to saved newsletters, and right-click on the newsletter you want to copy, and select “Copy”.

Can I edit photos?

Yes, Postman gives you access to some simple photo editing tools, but we recommend that the pictures have the desired size before uploading.

How do I create/edit an address list?

By right-clicking the Address Lists tab in Postman and selecting “Create Address List”. Then the list is named, and you can also add a phone number, which will show up as the sender. If a phone number is used, the recipients can reply to it.

Address lists are edited by selecting the pen symbol, or the cogwheel which gives additional editing options, like adding and removing addresses, change the list name, or share the list.

How do I create a registration form on my homepage?

Go into Postman, and go to the Address Lists. On the right of each list is a cogwheel, where you'll find “Generate Form”.

You'll be given a code in a pop-up window, which you can use to create a subscription box on your homepage. When somebody enters their information into it, the address will go directly into the chosen address list.

What picture formats are supported

You can use jpeg, gif and png with Postman.

Is it possible to compare how the newsletters will look in different mail clients and web browsers?

Yes, by using the Client Test in Postman, you'll get to see what your newsletter will look like under various conditions. This makes it easy to modify your newsletter, so that it'll look the same regardless of the web browser or mail client used.

Can you set Postman to send newsletters automatically?

Yes. By using auto mailing in Postman, you can either send single newsletters or a whole series of them without having to manually click “send”. You get to choose the time and rate the newsletters will be sent at.

How are duplicates handled?

You don't have to worry about Postman mistakenly mailing the same newsletter more than once to a single address. Postman won't import any addresses already in the system. And when newsletters are sent, Postman will only send a newsletter once, regardless if the same address is present in multiple address lists.

Interpreting the numbers

How do you view/interpret statistics in Postman?

The statistics function is the most important tool to follow up on your newsletters. Postman gives you several different options to see various events in different categories, some that might be more interesting than others. You'll find this information under the “Statistics” tab, where you'll see a summary of the data for your newsletters. You can sort your newsletters according to several different criteria. The data can be exported to Excel.

How are the recipients and the interactions with the newsletters tracked?

Via the tracking function, you'll be able to see how many, and who, have gone to a specified web site, and completed certain actions there. This differs from the standard statistics function, in that you can follow the recipients’ behavior through a number of steps. Under the “Tracking” tab in Postman, you'll find two sub-categories; “Create tracking for your homepage” and “Tracking statistics”. Using these simple yet smart tools, you'll be able to better understand the behavior of the recipients of your newsletters, and track their actions.