How Your Business Can Benefit from ‘Payday’ Types of Email Marketing
07 Jan 2019

How Your Business Can Benefit from ‘Payday’ Types of Email Marketing

You know the feeling yourself – payday is here and you’re feeling flush with the cash. If you’re a retail business, selling to consumers, then payday is the day you want to get seen. Email marketing for business, where your customers are consumers, needs to pay attention to when payday is likely to fall.


Email marketing for business – it’s payday!

Payday, for the vast majority, will fall on a Friday, most likely the last Friday of the month. This means that, on that day, you need to make sure you are seen by your audience. You want to be top of their ‘to-do’ list before anyone else jumps in and gets a hold of that spare cash.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: what time and on what day should we send out email marketing? We can categorically say that if you are selling to consumers, then payday, or the run up to it, should be your definite day. That doesn’t mean other days in the month aren’t profitable too, but payday is one you cannot afford to miss.

You’ll need to run a few tests for your particular business to see whether payday itself, or the days leading up to it, work most effectively.


How do you craft email marketing for business which is sent on payday?

However, you need to be subtle about this. There is a place for occasionally sending out an email newsletter praising the gods of payday, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t be drawing attention to it. You’ll come across as grabby, and then no cynical consumer will forgive you. Your emails will quickly be marked as trash.

What you do want to do is convey the message of added value and bolstered ‘Friday feeling’ they will get if they follow your email’s call to action. You need to convince them that you are integral to making them feel good.

This needs to be combined with a sense of urgency, and a sense that they are getting something not available elsewhere.


Examples of payday emails

The nature of your email content will depend on the sort of your business. However, as with all email newsletters, follow the golden rules of ensuring it is brand-focused and enticing to your audience. Email newsletter templates make this easy.

If you are selling a service, such as a salon or a restaurant, then you may want to get in a few days in advance of payday, encouraging your customers to make a booking. Giving them something to look forward to, once the cash comes in, is a powerful incentive. You could possibly offer them something free to cement the booking.

On the other hand, if you are selling a specific product, you are likely to do better to send the email itself on payday. If you send it in advance of payday, it will likely simply end up ignored. Pop in a short-time offer to the payday email and you’ll catch them in their flush moment.

Make sure you use a title which will entice customers to click-through, by giving them a hint of what’s to come. Fundamentally, sellers need to make their customers always feel like they are getting a good deal. Therefore, always pepper your email marketing, on payday or at other points, with offers and value-added.

Similarly, it is useful to create some sense of urgency. You want them acting on your offer, your email before they move on to someone else’s. If they think that what you are offering is the same all month round, then they will put it off. Make it clear that they need to act now.

Another trick to help you out here is to use the insights you can gain from website and email analytics. For example, you may highlight a product that your customer has viewed on your website or even ones that they abandoned in their basket. Nudge them over the finish line to make a sale.

Always make sure you’ve got payday on the calendar, not just for you, but for your business email marketing too.


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