Beautiful Email Newsletters Your Customers Can’t Wait to Receive
04 Dec 2018

Beautiful Email Newsletters Your Customers Can’t Wait to Receive

Beautiful email newsletters don’t just happen, they are crafted with care. That’s only possible with the right tools for the job. Wouldn’t it be great if yours was the email your customers just can’t wait to receive? What are the elements of an email newsletter that makes it eye-catching and therefore more likely to inspire action?


It all starts with a title

The real beauty comes inside the email. However, before your customer even gets to that stage, they need to be enticed by your title.

For a very small part of the email, you need to devote a good deal of effort.

A title must be succinct. You have around 60 characters to use, or it simply won’t be displayed. If most of your customers are reading your emails on their mobile device, it’s even less, just 25 to 60 characters. Therefore it needs to pack a punch, fast.

Therefore, use your most important word or phrase first, and cut out any padding text. Make it clear and focused.

Personalise it if you can.

You can read more how to write appealing subject lines here.


Working on the body of your emails

Once you’ve convinced your reader to click-through, based on the title, then your masterpiece can begin. To begin creating beautiful email newsletters, it’s useful to consider the different elements of the body separately, then bring them all together to create a whole look.


The text

The text is likely going to form a large proportion of your email. However, remember that your reader’s attention span in email form is likely to be relatively short. Therefore, use succinct text and language to conveys the message quickly and easily.

Aesthetically, the text needs to reflect your brand through the use of the font. Match your font to your website copy. Use sizing to balance it and display it beautifully. Use bold to draw attention. Avoid capitals!


The images

Along with the text, the images are likely to be your next area for making your content sing. Choose your images with care to reflect the message. It is worth taking the time to resize images and crop them appropriately, to ensure they display correctly.

Make sure that each image has alternative text, should the image not display correctly. Therefore don’t rely solely on imagery but use it alongside text.


The layout

Once you know which text and images you wish to use, you then need to pay some attention to the layout. The layout determines the overall look of your email and helps the reader’s eye track through the whole message.

This is where an email newsletter tool, such as Postman, is absolutely invaluable. You can choose layouts which are configured to work perfectly on both desktop and mobile. You can also choose templates which make it much easier to achieve the look you’re after. For example, you can choose from a range of B2B email templates, or e-commerce ones, or even those for sports.

The layout will help you to create eye-catching email newsletters with no design experience or knowledge.


The colours

Colour can be used to really transform the look and feel of your email newsletters. It should work holistically with your business branding, and create a uniform look from one email to the next.

Again, this is made simple using an email newsletter tool.


What else helps to create a beautiful email newsletter?

The above elements form the core of a good-looking email newsletter, however there are some additional factors you should consider.

It’s absolutely paramount, to the overall look of an email newsletter, that it is functional despite the great looks. A wonderful looking email is useless if the links don’t work, or it doesn’t load properly.

Therefore, make sure that the basics of functionality work well alongside being aesthetically pleasing. For example, use an email newsletter tool to add functioning buttons in the email to send readers to your store. Also, make sure you include working social sharing links to maximise the power of the email.

All of this is made simple when you use email newsletter software templates from Postman Newsletter.




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