Holiday Hacks: 6 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas
08 Nov 2018

Holiday Hacks: 6 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Email is one of the most effective channels at helping drive home sales this holiday season. Whether you have a solid marketing plan in place or you are making last minute plans, there are always ways to make improvements on your email offers this season. Here are some last minute hacks to optimize your holiday marketing efforts and help you improve ROI this season.


  1. Build a Campaign Around Best-Selling Products

Holiday shopping lists are often long and choosing the right gift can be a difficult task. People appreciate it when marketers make their job easier and suggest great gift ideas. Create campaigns to promote your best-selling products. This will help get popular items in front of your customers and give them ideas for gifts. Look at your best-selling products and create content that highlights these products as great gift ideas. Be sure to use strong keywords and compelling images. You may even consider curating a gift guide for the different types of people on holiday shopping lists from babies to grandmas.


  1. Run Flash Sales

Shoppers are always looking for ways to make their holiday shopping budgets stretch further so entice them with flash sales. Offer a can’t-be-missed deal for a very brief period of time in order to drive high conversion rates. Stress the urgency of this sale by making it a one-time offer available for a specified number of hours. Test this strategy. If it leads to conversions, then run flash sales on additional products. If the conversion rate is low, then test the timeline. Perhaps customers respond to 24 hours, or maybe 6 hours is better. This is a great approach to get customers who are looking to save money to commit to a purchase.


  1. Create Countdown Timers

Timing is everything, so remind shoppers that the offer you are running is limited in order to get them to act. Include a countdown timer in the email to express urgency and encourage them to make the purchase now rather than later. These countdown timers can count backwards and highlight the fact that the sale is running out of time or that the limited stock is selling out quickly. By creating a pressing need to buy, interested customers are more likely to act.


  1. Offer Enticing Giveaways

People love receiving gifts especially during the holiday season. In order to get customers in the mood to give, offer special gifts to the gift giver. Maybe you reward shoppers that spend a lot of money with a free gift, such as a bonus item with a £100 purchase. Or maybe you offer a £10 gift card for the shopper to treat themselves. Nothing gets people more in the mood to give than when they receive gifts themselves.


  1. Partner With Influencers

Social media personalities have become very influential when it comes to selling products. Team up with appropriate influencers to help push your products this holiday. Whether they are promoting your items in their social feeds or you are using their endorsements in your emails, associating the name of an influential person with your products can help drive sales this holiday season.


  1. Personalize the Message

Customers love to feel special, and personalization is the key to delivering this unique experience. Personalization has never been easier than in the days of digital marketing. Use data from your database to determine what kinds of products your clients are likely to purchase. Look at past purchases, site browsing behavior and demographics to create personalized messages. These messages drive higher click-through rates and in turn, lead to conversions.


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