How to Come Up with a Newsletter Design for Your Business
23 Aug 2018

How to Come Up with an Effective Newsletter Design for Your Business

Effective newsletter design doesn’t just happen. However, you’re competing against an enormous audience in order to get your marketing email to stand out from the crowd. You need an email newsletter design which astounds your customer base.

There are a few different elements which enable effective newsletter design compared to the badly created emails which swiftly find themselves met with the delete button.

  1. Shout out your brand

The primary impression of your newsletters should match the personality of your brand. This matters in terms of looks and how it feels to read.

There are a couple of easy tricks you can use here.

Firstly, grab your email newsletter colour palette from your logo. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it keeps it brand focussed.

Secondly, make sure the person writing your email content knows the company style guide, your business personality and is familiar with the tone of voice you use.

Thirdly, use a font which is close to your website font and match the feel that your website users get.

Don’t panic thinking you need a tech guru to help you out here. By using Postman newsletter templates, you can quickly and simply personalise your template with your business branding, colours and logo.


  1. Make a statement

You have a tiny opportunity to grab the attention of your audience. There are two key parts of effective newsletter design here: your subject line and your header.

You need to consider the subject line carefully as part of your email to even get the clicks. Therefore, think carefully about the emoji and wording which best draw in your audience.

Secondly, once they’ve clicked on to open the email, it’s important to catch their eye with a statement header. This provides consistency throughout your email campaign and supports your business branding. Again, this is made easy using email templates meaning you don’t need graphic design know-how.


  1. Break it up

No one likes to be faced with a long-winded block of text when they want a gentle read with their coffee.

Instead, get creative and use sub-headings to break up the look of your newsletter. Sub-headings help the eye to track and scan, making sure your whole email is digested.

This also helps your reader to jump back and forth to the parts of the email which are of most interest and relevance to them.

Again, newsletter templates help you here. You’ll be able to add different sections of text which remains responsive however your reader opens their emails.


  1. Use imagery carefully

Schools of thought regarding images in email newsletters tend to take an all-or-nothing approach. We disagree and think you should aim for a middle way.

Images are powerful and help to break up monotonous text, but they need to be used carefully. It’s all about the balance between images and text without overloading the loading capacity of a phone with poor 3G/4G signal.

Therefore choose small and clear images. Logos, products and people all look great in photos in email newsletters. Keep it clean and organised, and it should work in your favour. Don’t forget to use ALT text.


  1. Keep things consistent

It’s unlikely that your email newsletter is a one-off. Instead, the overarching purpose is likely to be one of building relationships with your audience.

Fundamentally, humans are creatures of habit. They like to know what they can expect. Therefore, keep your email newsletters absolutely consistent in terms of style and branding.

Our email newsletter templates is particularly straightforward to use and keep things consistent. You can create your favourite template and use it time and again.


  1. Know what you’re good at and what your audience likes

Email newsletters should vary enormously from one company to another. They should never look run-of-the-mill.

You need to think carefully about the purpose of your email newsletters and what you’re good at. This needs to be matched against what your audience likes and expects. This will be largely down to your audience demographics.

Therefore, if they like to browse products then yes, you’re going to need to feed their love of the latest thing with great pictures. If they like to be knowledgeable and informed, then the text is going to be more important.

Once you’ve decided what your email newsletter design will look like it is the time to test it. You need to see what works and what doesn’t, analyse the results, and use this information to refine the design.


  1. Make it responsive

When considering email newsletter designs it is only as good as the poorest device it’s opened on. You don’t want to waste time and energy creating a fantastic design just for it to fail to load on a smartphone.

Therefore, use professional email newsletter templates which you know are responsive. Then you don’t need to worry about the tech and code behind it, just simply on the content within.

Effective newsletter design needn’t be difficult. By using Postman templates, it is incredibly simple. You’ll be able to convey your brand and your message, consistently.


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