The Importance of Email Marketing for Small Business
16 May 2018

The Importance of Email Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses tend to find their marketing budget spread thinly. Decisions have to be made about what are the most beneficial marketing tools available. One of these marketing tools is email marketing software for small business.

Email marketing actually has an incredibly vital role to play in the arsenal of small business marketing. It’s low cost and, when done correctly, reaps exceptional rewards. If you want to reach and engage your audience, email marketing is what you should be doing.


Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing Software for Small Business

So why is email marketing so effective when it comes to small businesses? Here are our top 10 compelling reasons:

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

Marketing costs money. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to see a tangible return on your investment. Email marketing is an immensely low-cost, low-resource tool. Few other marketing methods, for example,printed media, can compete with such cost-effectiveness in terms ofthe audience reached.

Postman from Paloma is an email marketing software for small business which is free for the first 100 emails, andyou only ever pay for the emails you actuallysend thereafter

  1. It offers exceptional return on investment (ROI):

Cost-effectiveness needs to be evaluatedin terms ofROI. Email marketing is amongst the top marketing tools regardingROI along with SEO – quite surprising when we consider how low cost it is and how easy it is to implement. 

You reallyare missing out on a valuable trick if you think that email marketing is still in the dark ages. Thisis particularly true for small businesses where the high costs of marketing strategies are barriers to entry when competing with the big guns. 

  1. Customer reach:

77% of Americans own a smartphone and 85% of 16-75 year olds in the UK do too. If you want to reach your customers,you need to be viewable where they will see you – on their phone.

With Postman you can test your email in both mobile and desktop forms, and share the content to social media. Email marketing puts you exactly where your customers are.

  1. It’s hands-free:

Small businesses often find that marketing goes in bursts according to when they have the time available. Powerful marketing is a constant dance that should be a sustained background activity.

Email marketing is automated. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest marketing methods to automate.

Actions and triggers are used to generate the right email at the right time. For example, if a website visitor abandons their shopping cart, you can drop them a message prompting them to check-out, re-engaging them. It can turn losses in to opportunities.

This is all happening whileyou’re getting on with the other elements of your job.

  1. Scalability:

Many marketing methods make it tricky for small business because you can’t easily scale up or down according to need. Advertising comes at a fixed cost for example. Email marketing enables you to do as much or as little direct marketing as you wish.

  1. Increase Visibility:

Much of our business comes from developing a powerful brand that becomes familiar. Customers who experience your brand at multiple touch points are the ones who engage and make purchases. Strategic email marketing boosts your visibility and your brand’s reputation.

  1. Comply with the GDPR:

This month GDPR comes into force. With it, we all need to be taking greater care to ensure that we’re using individual’s data appropriately and legally. Part of this is requiring active ‘opt-in’. Email marketing which is delivered to customers who have specifically chosen to opt-in ensures your message is getting to the place it will most likely be heard, rather than disappearing into a spam box.

  1. It’s engaging:

Email marketing can be interactive, which means it makes a highly engaging marketing tool. By being interactive,you can increase the response and click-through rate. By tantalising a prospective customer in their inbox,you stand a greater chance of engaging them inyour website itself. For example, you may show them a worthwhile video to pique their curiosity or to share on social media.

  1. Personalise and Target Your Marketing:

With email marketing,you’re not trying to reach a broad audience with a one-size-fits-all approach. Insteadyou can tailor messages based on certain customer parameters making the email customised to them. Audiences can be segmented to create highly targeted messages and campaigns.

Customers value a personal approach. Email marketing software for small business makes this possible. For example, pop their name intothe subject line or the salutation bit.

  1. It’s measurable:

We need to know that our marketing efforts work. Email marketing like other forms of digital marketing is amongst the easiest to measure. The metrics are there, in real tangible data. Thisenables you to make the right decisions about future marketing strategies too.

When choosing an email marketing software for small business, make sure there is A/B testing available so that you can see exactly which elements of your campaign are the most successful.

Use Email Marketing to Rocket-Fuel Your Business

When you see the benefits of email marketing in this wayyou’ll be keen to select your email marketing software for your business. You’ll need to be wary that you should choose software which is designed specifically for small businesses like yours so that it delivers on the benefits above.

At Postman we make magic when it comes to your email marketing. We’ve designed our newsletter templates to make the process as simple as possible for you. We let you get started, every month, with 100 free emails and are easily scalable after that. Testing and responsiveness are things you can take for granted. We enable segmentation and easy customisation. And we’re hot on making sure you’re in line with the new GDPR developments.

To see for yourself why Postman email marketing software for small business is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, create an account with us today.


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Best software for newsletters & email marketing

The best software for newsletters is easy to use to create attractive design newsletters. Postman newsletter software serves you with smart features, enabling you to take your email marketing to the next level. 

The newsletter is a perfect channel for establishing and maintaining solid customer relations. As a result of the fact that customers of both today and tomorrow are living their lives online email marketing and newsletters is an essential key as well as an amazing opportunity to succeed with your communication. In a number of enquiries email marketing has turned out to have the best ROI (Return On Investment) of all channels, including social media.  

Using newsletter software doesn’t have to be tricky or hard. We have worked hard with usability and interface to make sure that our software for newsletters is as intuitive and easy as possible to get familiar with. 

You can create stylish newsletters without effort using our drag and drop editor. Heaps of automated features will save you time and frustration in the process of producing and sending your newsletter. 

If you are arranging an event you can connect to Magnet by Paloma – our software for guest registrations och online ticket sales. You are also able to retrieve immediate feedback by applying quick question in your email. 

If you have different departments or multiple editors working on your newsletters you can use editor accounts, with different access levels. RSS feed is another time saving feature for your newsletter. Allow content to be automatically generated from another source and avoid duplicating your efforts!

Free templates and plenty of tips & tricks 

Keep your communication consistent and solid using a newsletter template. Templates are also in favor of the continuous work with your newsletter as you will be fast on track instead of creating layout from scratch for every dispatch. You will have good looking ready made templates at hand for instant use. You will also have access to an archive to store your templates as well as other files such as images and documents. 

On our site, blog and in our newsletter you can find plenty of tips on digital newsletters and email marketing. 

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