Purchased e-mail addresses – a trap!
16 Aug 2017

Purchased e-mail addresses – a trap!

Buying e-mail addresses may seem like a simple way to expand the list of customer addresses. The problem is that there are few advantages to this approach.

Here we list the main reasons why you should avoid purchased addresses all together.

1) It is illegal...

Under the Marketing Act, it is prohibited to send unsolicited e-mails to private individuals for marketing purposes. You must have a prior permit and consent from each individual to whom you send your newsletter or other online marketing.

2) It creates badwill for your company...

Unsolicited e-mails from companies are rarely appreciated. We all know how annoying they can be. The risk is therefore great that your company is dropped and considered frivolous if you send e-mail marketing to people who haven’t asked for it.

3) Your e-mail address may be marked as spam

Most people view unsolicited e-mails as spam. This may lead to e-mails from you and your company being classified as spam by e-mail providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail, resulting in your e-mails not arriving at all.

4) If not marked as spam, then unsubscribed to...

If your e-mail isn’t marked as spam, the risk is imminent that most e-mail address owners will unsubscribe to mailings from you and your company.

5) Will cost you dearly...

Address lists are rarely updated and often of poor quality. It is also difficult to obtain information about how addresses are collected and if they are still accurate and current. This means that the e-mail addresses in your purchased list will likely bounce and you will have thrown your money down the drain.

Our newsletter tool, Postman, does not allow e-mail marketing to purchased e-mail addresses.

So how to you safely and securely expand your customer database with e-mail addresses of high quality?


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