Our strategy for an optimised mailing list
16 Aug 2017

Our strategy for an optimised mailing list

How do you get the most out of your list of e-mail addresses? How do you get the list to grow with the right subscribers, and what do you need to do to make your mailings generate more satisfied customers? We share our hottest tips!

Tip 1 – Clear the clutter

In order to optimise the outcome of your e-mail newsletters, it’s important that your mailing lists are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. So make sure to clear and update them regularly.

Keep track of e-mail addresses that bounce back. Is it due to a misspelling? Add the correct e-mail. Invalid, misspelled, and deregistered addresses are automatically cleaned out by the Postman newsletter tool.

Tip 2 – Easy deregistration

Make sure that it’s as easy to deregister from your newsletter as it is to register. Besides being a legal requirement, it is also in your best interest. If it's not possible to unsubscribe easily, you run the risk of your mailings being blocked and marked as spam.

According to the Swedish Direct Marketing Association (SWEDMA), you should offer one of the following deregistration methods:

   a URL link to a deregistration page

   a “mail-to feature” with deregistration in the subject line

   activation of a new e-mail with a customer number and message that the person wants to deregister

Tip 3 – Segmentation

Just like the digital world at large, e-mail marketing is developing at record speed and our subscribers are becoming increasingly discerning. Through segmentation and recipient customisation, your newsletters become easier to absorb and thus often more appreciated.

So make sure that your subscribers receive different content depending on, for example, family situation, age, purchasing power, interests, needs, demographics, etc. This way you also prevent your subscribers and prospective customers from unsubscribing due to receiving irrelevant offers.

Take the time to sort your addresses and categorise them by areas that are relevant to the products or services that you offer.

Tip 4 – Personal design

Can you go even further? Is it possible for you to tailor newsletters with unique offers?

Targeted offers adapted specifically to each customer are becoming increasingly common. It is a very effective way of strengthening customer relationships, and it often results in loyal customers. Design your mailings to make your subscriber feel like you have sent it especially to him or her. Use the subscriber’s name in the greeting phrase or subject line, refer to previous purchases, or present a unique offer adapted to previous purchase patterns.

Tip 5 – Single or double opt-in? What suits you best?

In e-mail strategy, we talk about single opt-in and double opt-in when it comes to collection and management of e-mail addresses. Feel free to test which approach suits you best, and which one generates the most satisfied customers and subscribers for what you have to offer.

Single opt-in may initially give your more subscribers, a higher opening rate, and more clicks compared to double opt-in. At the same time, it may involve some risk. Among other things, incorrect e-mail addresses end up on your mailing list and you receive e-mail addresses from people who do not want your mailings.

Using double opt-in, you have a greater guarantee of reaching the recipients who are actually interested in your newsletters and mailings.

The guarantee comes from the recipient having to confirm registration for your newsletter through a confirmation e-mail. Usually by clicking on a confirmation link. Only once the subscription has been confirmed do you add the address to your mailing list.

Expanding your mailing list takes longer when you use double opt-in. On the other hand, it raises subscriber quality since they have to show their interest twice. It also reduces the risk of your mailings getting stuck in the spam folder.

Good luck with your mailing list! Any hey – do you have any questions or thoughts? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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