How to Build an Email Marketing List
11 Jul 2017

How to Build an Email Marketing List

Owning a refined and finely-tuned email marketing list is going to be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. However, knowing how to build an email marketing list can leave you shaking in your boots. With a little forethought and planning, you can build an email marketing list which will prove invaluable. It certainly pays to put the effort in at this stage.


Why Build an Email Marketing List Carefully?

You could, if you so wanted, get a whole bunch of email addresses and have a ready-made list in moments, relatively easily. However, if you do this you’re forgoing the power of email marketing. An email marketing list is one of the few marketing tools you have complete control over. No algorithm changes are going to wobble your success in the same way that it may in social media or search engines.


Get Your Toolbox Sorted

The email marketing list is one tool, but like a cordless drill, it’s rather ineffective without the other tools in the box. There’s no point having a fabulous email marketing list if you don’t have an awesome means of generating snappy eye-catching email. There’s no point missing the trick of using an event where you know your ideal customer will be, to get them on your list. Finally, there’s no use having an email marketing list when you don’t really know your customer.


Postman’s suite of three powerful tools: Postman Newsletters, Magnet, and Kurios, are the three tools you’re going to need in your toolbox alongside the email marketing list. That email marketing list is only going to be useful if you can segment, do some valuable testing, and get the timing right.


Answer the Question: What’s in it for me?

In the world of email marketing list creation, no-one does anything for nothing: You have to encourage the right people to get on your list by enticing them with a great offer. Maybe they get a free eBook, or a discount code. Add some value, and get the right people signing up.


Let Them Decide

Remember – quality versus quantity. Your email marketing list will be most powerful if it’s created through a form of self-selection. So take an ‘opt-in’ approach to email marketing. Let the customers sign themselves up. Make the process quick and simple (a pop-up, quick sign-up box works a treat) which harnesses an yes/no answer, and the most valuable personalisation trick you’ll get – their name.


Once you’re all set with the first three steps, things get a little more complicated. If you’ve already got a large amount of traffic coming to your site, then the wheels of the email marketing list machine will be quickly oiled and start turning. If you haven’t, you’re going to need to put in some extra work.


Can You Use Someone Else’s List?

This is a tricky one, but maybe. It will all depend on your relationships and partnerships with other businesses, and how it will work. You’ll need to consider carefully if this is actually going to be worthwhile.


Broaden the Net

A pop-up sign-up box is one solution, but don’t forget that marketing is about far more than one channel. You can have opt-in tick boxes on check-out processes, or on social media, or on hard-copy forms. For example, one email contact from someone you were chatting with at a trade fair is likely far more powerful than the 100 you could buy from a ‘friend’. Another good way to get people signing up is through an event or freebie give-away.


Get Blogging

Another way of casting your net wider whilst still attracting the right fish is to harness the power of blogging. Not only on your own site should posts lead readers to subscribe; you should also get out there and get your name noticed as a guest poster. In this way you can reach a wider audience and get them self-selecting onto your email marketing list.


By putting the effort in to create a refined list, you sharpen your email marketing campaign – it’s well worth the time and effort.


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