16 Jun 2017

The Email Resurgence and How to Capitalise with Targeted E-Newsletters

We all know that marketing needs to be a multi-pronged approach using omnichannel solutions. But this leaves marketers, and business owners, spinning more plates than even the most talented circus performer. However, as marketers we also know that some methods are more effective than others. Despite the scare ‘headlines’ of a few years ago, email is not only far from dead, it’s very much alive. It’s a plate worth spinning. We just need to know how to harness its power to our advantage.

The statistics show that email is not only a valuable marketing tool – it’s growing in its power. However, the way we use it is changing. We’re now reading emails on our smartphones more often than on our desktops. We’re more savvy with what we expect from a subject line. We’re more exacting and expectant in terms of what we expect in terms of content. We want interaction. We want personalisation.

A marketer has a tough job meeting the needs of email marketing well. We need to harness the right strategies such as automation, to make our email campaigns work. That’s where e-newsletters with automation software come in. They help email pay, and help you to realise that £38 return on investment for every £1 spent.

Check out our infographic to harness the power of e-newsletters.


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