Tips about the content of your digital newsletter
Producing an e-marketing mail is about gathering information and shaping the content in a way that captures the reader’s interest. Obviously, this will vary from area to area and from industry to industry, but here are some tips:


Tip 1: Always focus on the reader

As with all communication, the fundamental point here is to focus on the reader. What information do they want, and in what form? Think about which newsletters you open and which ones you delete right away. In all likelihood, the newsletters that you read with interest will be the ones where you feel the content is of benefit to you. Newsletters may, for example, contain:

  • News and information about the company
  • Questions and answers
  • Current market surveys; useful tips
  • Special offers

Use the online search tools if you don’t have enough of a foundation yourself. Here, you can find up-to-date company news, for example on Google News, and also subscribe to Google Alerts and Google Reader, etc. Of course, you should keep an eye on and subscribe to newsletters within your own industry.


You should also make a habit of bookmarking interesting and relevant websites.


Tip 2: Keep it brief

Nowadays most of us are bombarded with emails and have neither the time, desire nor opportunity to read everything. Keeping your newsletter brief and concise increases the chances that people will read it.

Having said that, there are times when you may, perhaps, wish to include a longer interview or article that you think may interest some of those in your target group.

You can solve this by putting a headline and a brief presentation in the newsletter and then creating a link to the article. This allows your readers to decide whether they wish to spend time reading it or not.


Tip 3: Keep it personal

No-one wants to read dry, boring text. Try to find your own tone. A newsletter in email form is less formal than printed material, so you can use a more personal style – as though you were speaking directly to your readers.


Tip 4: Give your readers the VIP treatment

Your readers have made an active choice to receive information from you, for example by registering to receive your newsletters. Cherish this trust by giving them the VIP treatment. This could be by making them the first to receive information about interesting news within the industry, new products or discounts. Or perhaps