Boost the event with digital newsletter mailing
20 Sep 2016

Boost the event with digital newsletter mailing

The rule of thumb for a successful event is foresight and good planning. But there are also other aids when the time has come to publicise an event. With a digital event tool all functions are gathered together in one and the same place: guest list, ticket sales, payment options, statistics and information about the event. You get the most impact by sending emails to your guests before, during and after the event.

Before the event:

As with most things, thorough preparation is always the most important factor. How the event is marketed, which channels are used and how the technical functions work play a major role in how an event will be received.

  1. Draw the guests’ attention to the event and get them interested enough to register.
  2. Maintain the guests’ interest and curiosity. Coming out with some fun news a few days before the event is a good way to increase expectations.
  3. Facilitate your day-to-day event work with a digital tool for events. A great advantage of a digital event tool is that you can more easily keep track of all registrations and cancellations. Without a good booking system, registrations may trickle in by email, phone or a form on the website. With the help of a digital event tool, guests can register directly via a link in the email message. In an app on your phone, you can easily keep track of everyone who has registered and how many have said no. You also get access to more personal information about your guests when they fill in the application form. This can be information about diet, allergies or where they work.
  4. Use all the data you get to personalise future emailings.

During the event:

  1. The question arises as to whether it is really necessary to send out emails at the same time as the event is in progress. The answer to the question is a clear “yes”, if you want to get to know your guests a bit better and use it to your advantage.
  2. When a guest has checked into an event, be sure to welcome them, and later you can send out a fun quiz or a giveaway. This keeps your guests involved and you get a general idea of what your guests are interested in.
  3. The more you know about your guests, the more personalised emailings you can create. How would it look it look, for example, if you sent a welcoming mail to someone who did not even attend the event?

After the event:

The last guest has left the premises. Finally you can breathe a sigh of relief! All the hard work is over and it can all be wrapped up. But does the fun really stop there or can customer processing continue after the completion of the event?

  1. Ask what the guests thought! You probably want to know what your guests thought of the event and how they would rate it. By sending out an email a day or so after the event you can take the opportunity to ask your guests for their opinion. In the digital survey tool you can then collect all incoming answers, show them in different ways and obtain useful statistics about what worked well and what worked less well in your event.
  2. Future events! This is a process that can continue long after the event is over. You can send emails with information about future events, promotions or discounted registration fees for other events you are holding.
  3. Highlight other things! The possibilities are endless. Why not advertise other functions on your website, such as newsletters or a web shop? Such an approach not only consolidates your brand, it also ensures that the company will not be forgotten about.

Last but not least!

Forget any thoughts of long guest lists and sophisticated methods of payment. With a digital event tool there are various ways to resolve ticket purchasing, such as complete payment solutions and invoice services.

A digital event tool can also be graphically designed to suit your own style, adhere to a graphic profile or be embedded on a website. In addition, the event tool can quickly and easily be reached regardless of the web-browsing habits of a potential guest. Thanks to the responsive design you can reach the event tool via smartphone, tablet or computer.


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