Our rules

We know that if your customers and prospects ask for information from you via newsletter, it's an unbeatable channel for ROI and relation-building. We also know that if you send letters to people who have not asked for it, even if you follow the law, it is generally considered to be SPAM. Remember that it is always the recipient that defines what is considered to be SPAM. If you buy addresses you will usually be ripped off, as upwards of 60-70% of the addresses may be incorrect, these being info addresses that don't lead anywhere you want to be. You can read more about so-called spray and pray tactics and purchased addresses here.

Therefore, these rules apply to our customers:

- No purchased addresses

- No addresses from third-party suppliers.

- Do not send to anyone who has deregistered.

If you think any of our customers have behaved badly or breached our rules, please contact us at: support[a]Paloma.se